رومان بوشويف
3 min readDec 16, 2021

Hi there.
Before you read on please watch this video.

Done? Okay, let’s move on. Between me and you, how much did you understand from what they said? If the percentage is not that high then this post might trigger your interest.
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And that’s it?!

بس عرفت موديلچ.
Finally… I know who you really are (literally Finally, I have learned what your model is all about.).
The words your model in this case mean your nature, or what you are like, or what you are all about.

توچ ماخذة ماستر من كمبرج،
You just got your Master’s degree at Cambridge.
ماخذة in the Gulf region has the same meaning as آخذة or أخذتِ in MSA, i.e. literally you (lady) took, or, as in this case, you got.

مشتغلة خمسة سنين بلندن
And been working for five years in London.

هابتلي كلاسات زومبا
Learned some zumba here and there.
هب , as I was told, here means to grab something in a chaotic manner. For some reason in this sentences it comes as a single word with لي . Honestly speaking I gotta do some more digging to discover why it is so.
Whereas at this stage, let me give you some examples that use هب/هبب to make things clearer:
أيش فيك إنت تهبب من هذه المطاعم؟
يعني: لماذا تأكل في هذه المطاعم بطريقة غير منتظمة؟
لا تهبب في الكلام!
يعني: لا تتكلم بطريقة عشوائية

شكلچ من اللي يسمونهم في المباركية صوامو صوا مجرمة.
You look like one of those gangster-style girls referred to as sawamo in Al-Mbarakiyah.
Al-Mbarakiyah is a district in Kuwait, and sawamo looks like a slang word that is used there.

لما شفتي رفيجة روان حاطة هالكثر مكياج چان يصير فيچ “آز لايك” مو؟ صدج!
When you saw that Rawan’s friend was wearing that much makeup, you were like “No!”, right?

بس ما علينا. حجية تدري متى تطلع الصدجية.
But no worries. The lady know when the truth is gonna show up.

لا تشوفين ريلج يسولف مع واحدة. ففف… أوبااااااا!
[And that is] when she sees her hubby chatting with another woman… Woooow!..
Fun fact — in Kuwaiti لا، ليا، إلا mean if.

منو هذي؟
Who’s she?

ماي بست فرند هي من الجامعة
My best friend… from the college…

مممم يور بست فرند… لا ما دريت، إذا چذي حياها حتقعد ويانا
Ohhh your best friend… Well, I didn’t know that… If that is so then she’s welcome, have her sit with us.
حياها is the short version of حياها الله which literally means May God greet her or May God make her life longer but the expression is used as welcome. حياكم is also used in the Gulf region as Come with/follow me [so that we can have dinner together, for instance].

شو البست فرند انت بعد
Your best friend… Yeah-yeah!..

أيوا! في هالسوالف أدري ما عندچ روح وتعال
Oh yeah… In situations like this one there’s no way to discuss something.
Which means like If something goes this way, then you won’t foregive him.

Hope that was helpful.
Big thanks to all my friends who helped me understand the reel!