Hi there.

How about we try some translation? I’m going to give you my 5 English versions of Arabic phrases that were originally written and said in the white Saudi dialect (got them from the Saudi Gamer channel), and you will have to translate them back into Arabic. I will certainly give you the answers but please don’t look at them before you finish translating. This is for your own good after all :)

So, ready, steady, go!

Take your time, give it some thought before you scroll down and see the translation.

Just a random idea — you can write your answers in the comments below but make sure you don’t look at the keys. Again, it’s for your own good.

Please check what you have written thoroughly.

Take some more time. Any corrections that you can think of?

Okay, I guess you are ready by now.

Here are the keys. Please keep in mind that there might be more that one correct answer but these are the sentences that I heard in the vid. Yalla, here you go:

Hope that was helpful. Thanks for your time. Stay tuned.



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