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How about some digging into the obvious? Or is it not that obvious to some of us? Let’s check it out. But before you read on please read my Disclaimer.

We’re all set now, I take it? Let’s get down to business.

Long story short, there is more than one way to express a desire or a wish in Lebanese Arabic. The first one on my list is extremely popular. So, give it up for بدو!!!

I’m not gonna waste our time on examples. Let’s just do the exercise where this common word is sometimes used in an uncommon manner. Off you go:

  1. What else can I wish for?
  2. We want you to become a man like us.
  3. I want you to start from scratch again.
  4. We want to see ourselves in you.
  5. I wanna talk to him!
  6. I want her to go to her father in London.
  7. I want something from you.
  8. Gladly. I’ll put it [the volume of music] down. You don’t want anything else, do you?
  9. Listen, I got I new car and I want you to see it.
  10. Honestly, I don’t know want exactly he meant, but I don’t wanna say anything wrong to you.
  11. I want to know because I know what he meant but I don’t know how to explain it.
  12. Please tell me what you right now!
  13. Because the quality of education is not the one I wanted.
  14. Ask me whenever you want.
  15. Please! I don’t want to hear anything from you.
  16. I don’t want to talk about it.
  17. As much as you want.

OK. Now let’s have a look at the next word which is used quite often in Egyptian Arabic. You must have guessed it by now. Yes, it’s عاز or عايز

There won’t be as many sentences this time:

  1. Ziyad, Vivo wants to talk to you. Are you going to stay long in that toilet?
  2. If you need something one day, I’m at your service.
  3. The girl went to the market with $5,000 into her purse. I’m sure she doesn’t need them. She just wants to spend them to buy a few dresses. But for me… For me it [the money] can change my entire life.

Done. Let’s move of to the one used heavily in fo7ha and in Iraq. Yes, it’s يريد

-Do you want something, madame?
-Nothing. Just stay safe. (A polite way to say Nothing, thanks.)

OK, the final option, which is also very popular in fos7a. Any ideas? Bingo! It’s يحب

  1. What would you like to have?
  2. How would you like me to help you?
  3. [I did that] out of respect to your privacy! What if you didn’t like sharing your kids photos?
  4. I prefer not to post lots of photos but I do share them with my friends.











1)شو بدي أحسن من هيك؟ (فادي وراضي)

2)بدنا ياك تصير رجال متلنا

3)بدي ياك ترجع تبلش من الجديد

4)بدنا نشوف حالنا فيك

5)بدي حكيه (فادي وراضي)

6)بدي بعتا عند بابا ع لندن (آخر خبر)

7)بدي منك شغلة (مافي متلو)

8)تكرم عينك، منوطيا، ما بدك شي تاني؟ (مافي متلو)

9)ليك جبت سيارة جديدة بدي ياك تشوفا (مافي متلو)

10)صراحة أنا ما بعرف عالأكيد شو قصدو بس ما بدي قلك شي غلط

11)بدي عرف لان فهمانة شو قصدو بس ما عارفة اشرح

12)بشرفك قولي شو بدك هلق! (أبطال وحرامية)

13)لأن مستوى التعليم مش مثل ما انا بدي

14)سالني بس بدك

15)دخيلك ما بدي اسمع عنه شي

16)ما بدي احكي بالموضوع

17) قد ما بدك (مافي متلو)

● عايز

1)يا زياد، فيفو عايزتك. مطول يا خيي بالتواليت؟ (فادي وراضي)

2)إزا شي نهار عزت شي أنا بالخدمة (أبطال وحرامية)

3)هاذي البنت نازلة عالسوق حاطة خمسة آلاف بجزانا. أكيد مش عايزتن هي، بدّا تشتري فين كم فستان بس أنا، أنا بيغيرولي حياتي (أبطال وحرامية)

● بتريد

1)- بتريدي شي مدام؟
- سلامتك

● حب

1)شو بتحب تاخد؟ (مافي متلو)

2)كيف تحبو ساعدكن؟ (مافي متلو)

3)احتراما لخصوصيتك! بركي ما بتحب تفرجي صور ولادك

4)انا هيك ما بحب كتير حط صور بس مع رفقاتي اكيد ببعت

Hope you liked it.
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